“Stories & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe” – The Big Read, Sept 2013-Feb 2014

??????????????????????????????? Kiki and Nancy Quin Margaret Chase - surrounded by white birds Margaret full length in footlights Margaret tighter shot ??????????????????????????????? Viv adorning tree Ted in cravat in garden Mary with wings - closeup - niceHere are just a few of the scores of photos that Staten Island OutLOUD & friends have snapped during our Poe Big Read.  A few of our 45 events are photographed below, including: A very young reader creates her unique drawing of The Black Cat, reading Spirits of the Dead in a historic cemetery, Poe’s wine tasting, a visit to the historic Poe Cottage in the Bronx, all ages gather to read & discuss Poe’s haunting Al Aaraaf, reading Imp of the Perverse at the fabulous Morgan Library & Museum during their exquisite exhibition, Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul, our Poe Seance, a young reader at our kickoff “Ravin’ with the Raven” has his photo opp with Edgar, a special guest at our reading of Some Words With a Mummy, our young OutLOUD member Esme channels the spirit of Lenore – with Raven, reading Annabel Lee by the sea, The Pit & the Pendulum performed in a metal workshop, and the marvelous performance art – “Nevermore/Evermore” – with Day de Dada and Deep Tanks Dancers.  We had a marvelous time!  #NEABigRead

Little Girl drew colorful Black Cat-2Lynn with group - sunbeam - Copy-2Lorie Raven Fascinator-2Sophia - Antoinette Bianco-2Youngsters and adults reading Al AaraafGreg - wideshot - bluish tintHoward Jim Elle Doris VirginiaFriend AbeJacobsKid and Poe-2Doris mummyDoris-Podium-Harry-Poe-2Esme in  shade-bestFriend of Hyla -AustenPendulum swings rightDoris Jim Abraham - Dramatic color-shadows Crowd at ETG 2 Jim Elle Doris Abraham Kiki and Milenka Margaret Chase - surrounded by white birds Mary with wings - closeup - nice Viv - Sunbeam Diane Figur close up Diane Figur smiling with wings Kiki and Milenka Group in garden Florence at tree with Bob kneeling Butoh with guests in bkground Margaret full length in footlights Margaret tighter shot Mary Bullock closeup Florence- hands extended More Butoh walk back Mourners2 Ted at podium - may be betterLeslieOur Medium, Madama Alicia - Reflecting quietly

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