Get Involved!

How to Get Involved in Staten Island OutLOUD …

Staten Island OutLOUD is a completely volunteer-run organization. And OutLOUD volunteers are some of the coolest, most interesting people in town! To get involved, call 718-907-0709, or email

We love our volunteers!
Neighbors – of all ages – volunteer with Staten Island OutLOUD. You can get involved for just an hour, or on an ongoing basis.  We love to welcome new participants, and there’s a nice variety of things you can enjoy doing:

1. Help Us Host
Help us set up, pass out programs, greet people.   Young people make great hosts, and students can earn community service credit for volunteering with Staten Island OutLOUD.

2. Plan New Events
Brainstorm with us on new program ideas, research literature, contact our community partners.

3. Publicity
Help with mailings, give flyers to your neighbors, forward our emails, Facebook & Twitter postings to your friends.

4. Bring Your Camera!
Take photos, DVDs or videos of OutLOUD events on your camera or cell phone. It’s a huge help!

5. Talent Scout
Do you have a friend who has a great speaking voice? A singer? A musician? A dancer? A set or costume designer? A graphic artist? Tell us about them! We’re always looking for new community talent.

6. Creative
If you’d like to design a flyer, help with our website, or help us decorate a set, we’d appreciate your help!

How can I become a performer with OutLOUD?

Anyone who comes to an OutLOUD event can get involved. You can start by coming to our small participatory readings, so we can get familiar with your voice and style.  Then, when we cast our large staged readings, we could invite you to perform with us.

No acting experience is necessary to be cast as a reader in our staged events, but a strong voice.
and reliability are important qualities.

We’re informal and fun…perfect for all ages.  And if you’re a dancer or musician, we’d love to talk with you about the possibility of performing in a future OutLOUD event. Please call us at 718-907-0709.