OutLOUD and Poe in the House of Morgan

The fabulous Morgan Library & Museum invited Staten Island OutLOUD to perform in Jack Morgan’s private dining room, as part of the festivities surrounding their beautiful exhibition, Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul.  We collaborated with our friends Kazuo Nakamura & Yuuki Koike – the musical ensemble Wafoo.  OutLOUD read two Poe stories, Imp of the Perverse and Morella – suited to our historic surroundings.  We presented two performances, both sold out quickly, both SRO.   Thanks to our readers: Margaret Chase, James Hill, J. Keith McCauley, Joseph Smith, Anne Taylor & Gregory Taylor.  Thanks to our hosts at the Morgan – Linden Chubin, Denise Rompilla, and Preston Giannini. We had a wonderful time. #NEABigRead

EAP BWGregTaylorKaz and Yuuki closer brighter YuukiKazuo MargChase Keith Audience3 Poe scriptJoeSmith Audience2dshow Audience2 Morgan cover

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