Masque of the Red Death @Island Tattoo Parlor

Dozer and group smilingOur host, Dozer, and his wife Danielle, are the proprietors of Island Tattoo, where Staten Island OutLOUD’s Big Read event of Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death took place on a Sunday afternoon.

In the top photo, Dozer welcomes some of early-arriving OutLOUD guests who came to the tattoo parlor to read and discuss Poe.

#NEABigRead         Lively boy comments on what he would say to Death

This animated young man eats cake & shares his ideas about Prince Prospero’s encounter with Death at the Masque.  He said, “If I ran into Death at a party, I’d tell him to come back in 50 or 60 years!”   #NEABigRead



Below, the animated young man’s Danielle and friend laughingmom has a good laugh over her son’s comments.  Her friend & neighbor, our hostess Danielle, gets a big kick out of it too!  #NEABigRead









In the photo directly below, the poet VIctoria Hallerman and our young friend Abraham listen closely as others share their thoughts about The Masque of the Red Death.    In the photo below (left), Dozer recites a stanza from The Raven as his son looks on, thoughtfully.  #NEABigRead

Vicki Hallerman and Abe Jacobs.

Dozer and MatthewPatient MomPartial group smiling  Diane Howard Jim niece friend Meg Kevin

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