Local History – A Staten Island Original: Naturalist Tillie Weingartner

Sunday, Aug 13th, 2pm at the Greenbelt Nature Center, 700 Rockland Ave, SINY 10314

Staten Island’s Greenbelt owes a lot to self-taught naturalist Matilde Weingartner. Born in Switzerland, she emmigrated to the US with her family in the early 1920s & graduated from Curtis High School. She was a mainstay of the Staten Island Museum, where she taught generations of Islanders to value our environment. Tillie establshed the William T. Davis Wildlife Preserve,and she helped lay the groundwork for the present-day Greenbelt Conservancey, and she helped preserve much of the beautiful wilderness and parkland that distinguishes Staten Island today.

We’ll feature Island writer Eileen Monreale’s biography, “Matilde Weingartner: A Staten Island Naturalist”.

Tillie Weingartner - Book cover

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